James, 22

“After graduating from University in July 2015, I was naturally keen to enter the world of work. However after a couple of frustrated months trawling through Reed and Indeed with limited success, I realised I needed the guidance of a professional to give me one to one coaching.

“After my first meeting with Jacqueline, I already felt I had a better understanding of what the interviewer might be looking for in a potential candidate and also of myself as a person. ”

The following sessions consisted of interview Q&As, where I was tasked with preparing and structuring answers to competency-based questions and mock interviews which were tailored to the industry which I was looking to land a job in. Preparation is key and I felt vastly more confident going into the subsequent interviews. In October, not long after my last session with Jacqueline, I attended an interview and was offered a job on the spot. Jacqueline was extremely professional throughout and provided me with invaluable advice. Thanks again for your help and support.”

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