We’re confident that we can help you succeed in your search for the right career, by building confidence, discovering sometimes unknown talents and putting structure round your preparation for job interviews. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say…

Looking for a complete career change was a very daunting prospect, especially since I never went to university. Trawling through various job agency websites with little success was making me doubt my own skills and ability to do anything different to my current role. After just my first session with Jacqueline I was beginning to realise I had much to offer and it boosted my self-confidence. After not knowing which path to take I have now been offered the perfect role, enabling me to work and learn at the same time. I could not have achieved this without Jacqueline’s help and support, both in and outside of our sessions. She helped me to improve my CV and prepared me incredibly well for interviews, giving me an insight into exactly what employers are looking for. I’m ecstatic and very excited to begin my new role and can’t thank Jacqueline enough for achieving something I never thought I would be able to!

Helena, 22

Jacqueline provided coaching for my daughter when she was looking to change career.  She helped her focus on her skills and how those translated through to a different work environment.  Jacqueline also helped her with her CV and with preparation for interviews and assessments.  The most noticeable outcome for me however was the increase in my daughter’s confidence which was visible to me and I am sure played a key part in her being offered her first choice of job.

A parent, 2017


I contacted Jacqueline after reaching the final stage of assessment where I had been unsuccessful previously. Jacqueline is both professional and personable and was highly prepared for our coaching session. We focused specifically on the parts of the assessment that I had struggled with previously in which Jacqueline identified where I needed to improve and helped me structure responses to example industry standard interview questions. She helped me tailor my interview technique and come across confidently in both my competency based interview and group interview task. I found Jacqueline’s coaching absolutely invaluable and would not hesitate to recommend her – with her help I was successful in securing a job in a highly competitive industry after being unsuccessful previously.

Joe, 20

Having recently graduated I faced the prospect of a number of job interviews. Jacqueline helped me prepare for these through our sessions by allowing me to structure my thoughts and discussing how best to communicate my strengths. Above all our sessions helped me feel comfortable in an interview setting, invaluable experience that allowed me to focus instead on my presentation and content.

Edward, 23

After graduating I managed to reach the interview stage a number of times but with no success. Jacqueline helped me to identify key areas of my experience which we could then develop into structured answers to difficult interview questions, while maintaining my own style. With this help I was able to secure a full time graduate job in a competitive field.

When considering moving from one position to another during the year after graduating university, I knew that I had little-to-no interview experience and a very outdated CV.

“During our sessions Jacqueline made me feel at ease enough to really get to discuss at length the kind of environment, company and position I wanted to work in, and from our very first Q&A she helped me to recognise specific skills I already had that would help me to get there. ”

Jacqueline helped me to prepare for position-specific interviews and coached me in how to approach existing contacts and how to make new ones. I have no doubt that I will carry the skills I learnt with Jacqueline into future positions and job hunts, and I’m very grateful for the objective insight she provided during this stressful period.

“After graduating from University in July 2015, I was naturally keen to enter the world of work. However after a couple of frustrated months trawling through Reed and Indeed with limited success, I realised I needed the guidance of a professional to give me one to one coaching.

“After my first meeting with Jacqueline, I already felt I had a better understanding of what the interviewer might be looking for in a potential candidate and also of myself as a person. ”

The following sessions consisted of interview Q&As, where I was tasked with preparing and structuring answers to competency-based questions and mock interviews which were tailored to the industry which I was looking to land a job in. Preparation is key and I felt vastly more confident going into the subsequent interviews. In October, not long after my last session with Jacqueline, I attended an interview and was offered a job on the spot. Jacqueline was extremely professional throughout and provided me with invaluable advice. Thanks again for your help and support.”

“I found the sessions improved my levels of confidence for both job applications and interviews. I felt this was done through the exceptional help I received in improving and updating my cv and also drawing really helpful and valuable examples of experience through activities I had never thought of using. Along with this I found the interview prep to be particularly useful in not only readying me for the types of questions that would have previously thrown me off in interviews but also allowed me to walk into the interview feeling like I could with dealing with anything they could throw at me. All in all I would say the sessions did wonders for my confidence and mental state and probably shaved months off a previously daunting job search. I would highly recommend.”

Like most graduates I was daunted by the recruitment process. I had lined up a few industries I was interested in approaching but was overwhelmed by their application requirements. When looking at the list of skills and qualifications they expected a successful candidate to have I didn’t think I was qualified to apply, or where to start if I was.

Jacqueline showed me how my achievements both academic and non-academic were relevant to a potential employer, and how they would view my skills set. She helped me slim down my CV, drawing out what employers would want to see making sure it made an impact.

My interview and assessment centre were the most overwhelming part of the recruitment process. I was horribly nervous and continued to worry about being underqualified for the role. Jacqueline worked with me to build my confidence, showing me how my experience fitted with employers’ requirements. She demonstrated how to handle difficult questions and how to best present my experience and qualifications. I got the job!

After graduating from University, I found job-hunting quite daunting until contacting The Graduate Coaching Partnership. It was invaluable to have help in identifying my own strengths and how to present these on both my CV and at interviews. The support I received was brilliant, but above all, I was given confidence in my abilities. In my eyes, such self-belief is priceless, and it has helped me to pursue my goals with more vigour than ever before.

From a parent’s point of view I had begun to feel a bit anxious about my daughter leaving university. She chose to study wildlife conservation because she thought (correctly) that it would be interesting. However, we had never assumed that she would make this her career. The idea of coaching came along at just the right time for her. Jacqueline’s positive warm approach encouraged her to be more confident and allowed her to think through what she really wanted to do rather than being swayed by what her family and contemporaries suggested. The regular sessions and “homework” tasks also helped provide some structure for her during this limbo period between university and the world of work.

After graduating this summer she now has a job with the longer term view of saving up enough money to travel for several months next year. She has also done some voluntary work for an environmental charity and will probably do more with a view to building up her CV.

Thank you very much for the help and support!

The time between graduating from university and finding employment is difficult and I found it hard to know where to start. Working with Jacqueline provided structure and helped me to create a plan for the near future and for the next couple of years, which is what I really needed. She specifically helped me massively in preparing for upcoming interviews so that I felt confident, so much so that I was offered employment at one of my favourite companies. Jacqueline also helped me to improve and re-structure my CV. We also discussed and picked out my key skills, attributes and strengths which helped me to find ways to portray these skills in interesting and creative ways to employers. I would thoroughly recommend sessions with Jacqueline to help recent graduates, and other people in-between work, to get back on the right track.