Jess, 23

Like most graduates I was daunted by the recruitment process. I had lined up a few industries I was interested in approaching but was overwhelmed by their application requirements. When looking at the list of skills and qualifications they expected a successful candidate to have I didn’t think I was qualified to apply, or where to start if I was.

Jacqueline showed me how my achievements both academic and non-academic were relevant to a potential employer, and how they would view my skills set. She helped me slim down my CV, drawing out what employers would want to see making sure it made an impact.

My interview and assessment centre were the most overwhelming part of the recruitment process. I was horribly nervous and continued to worry about being underqualified for the role. Jacqueline worked with me to build my confidence, showing me how my experience fitted with employers’ requirements. She demonstrated how to handle difficult questions and how to best present my experience and qualifications. I got the job!

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